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About The Wallacea Trust


2020 had been described as a "super year" for nature by the UN. Earmarked as a real opportunity to stop and possibly reverse ecological devastation. 

Since 2000 The Wallacea Trust (formerly The Opwall Trust) has aimed to provide funding for conservation management projects across the world, ultimately hoping to address this stark decline.

For decades, commercial development has destroyed and degraded important natural habitats. This has catastrophic impacts – the loss of ecosystems, biodiversity and our natural heritage. Entirely stopping commercial development and economic growth however, is not a likely goal to hope to achieve. Nor would it be a helpful one. 

The Wallacea Trust believes that protecting nature whilst enabling growth is the most important conservation challenge of our time. 

The Wallacea Trust meets this challenge by empowering communities in developing nations to grow commercial enterprises specifically linked to biodiversity conservation, ensuring that business opportunities can be realised in harmony with environmental sustainability.

To target research, education and wardenship on the ground, the Trust works alongside Operation Wallacea, an expedition and research organisation that undertakes large scale biodiversity monitoring and conservation research.

Their scholarship programme gives funding to disadvantaged students from UK and the USA to give them the opportunity to participate in biodiversity projects in developing countries.

"The Wallacea Trust works with small communities around the world to help make the ecosystems on their doorsteps more financially valuable alive and protected than exploited and degraded, which we believe is the best way to achieve conservation success. We are a small charity with big ambitions, and every donation helps us take another vital step towards achieving our goals."

Dr Dan Exton, The Wallacea Trust 


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